Our Services

Construction Materials Testing

We provide comprehensive field and laboratory CMT of soil, concrete,and asphalt.

Our field and laboratory staff are proficient in working with both standard and specialty testing equipment and our laboratory tests are performed in accordance with the current ASTM and AASHTO standards applicable to each test.

We have successfully provided CMT services to many public and private agencies. Our Certified or Validated Test Methods (CMEC/USACE/FDOT) include testing of:

  • Soil
  • Aggregate
  • Concrete
  • Bituminous
  • Masonry
  • Rock

Our CMT Services categories include Construction Materials Engineering, Construction Observation & Testing, and Construction Services. Here are some of the key services included in these major categories:

  • Construction Materials Research
  • Assistance with Specification Writing for Materials
  • Construction Materials Testing (and non-destructive testing)
  • Pavement Design and Evaluation
  • Construction Materials Consultation and Advisory Services
Construction Observation and Testing

Our documentation services include observation and testing of fill placement, drilled pier installation, pile driving, concrete, masonry, asphalt, steel, fireproofing and roofing.

The testing is performed by qualified field technicians under the supervision of a registered professional engineer. Technicians are certified by ACI, NICET, ICBO, AWS and other appropriate agencies. They are also certified to operate a nuclear densometer. Field testing is performed using ASTM, AASHTO and other applicable specifications and guidelines. Special testing services can be provided if required. Complete field laboratories can be mobilized to project sites.

Construction Services

Our construction services include:

  • Asphalt Observation and Testing
  • Concrete Observation and Testing
  • Batch Plant Observation
  • Site Grading and Foundation Earthwork Observation
  • Construction Oversight and Testing
  • Pre-qualification and Construction Testing of Aggregates, Brick, Concrete Masonry Units, Mortar/Grout, and Soils
  • Structural Steel Observation, Roofing Material Observation and Testing
  • Fireproofing Material Observation and Testing

Important Soil Test and Study for a Perfect Land Survey Report

Before beginning any development on a plot of land, even grading, it is important to study and to have detailed knowledge of the land’s subsurface soil conditions.


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