Our Services

Geotechnical Engineering

We perform effective analysis, testing, and evaluation of subsurface conditions.

Our advanced knowledge in providing geotechnical engineering services includes field exploration, drilling, laboratory materials testing and construction support for a wide variety of commercial, transportation, water resources, industrial, high-rise, retail, and institutional projects.

Here’s a representative listing of services we offer. Please do contact us if the service you need is not listed here.

Exploration Services

Our Exploration Services include:

  • Soil exploration (roadways, embankments, structures, foundations, drainage, ponds, etc.)
  • Delineation of deleterious material
  • Drilled shaft
  • Test pits
  • Piezometers
  • Angle borings
  • Flight auger drilling
  • Tri-core drilling
  • Rock coring
  • Exfiltration tests
  • Double ring infiltrometer
  • Site characterization
  • Environmental well drilling & installation
Laboratory Services

We have two laboratories. These are located at Broward & Palm Beach. Our Laboratory Services include:

  • Soil and earthworks
  • Rock testing
  • Consolidation tests
  • Permeabilities
  • Tri-axial testing
  • Corrosivity/Resistivity
Construction Support Services

Our key services in Construction Support include:

  • Construction engineering inspection
  • Construction monitoring
  • Material testing
  • Construction condition survey
Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services include:

  • Slope stability and erosion design and evaluations
  • Retaining structures design and evaluations (sheet pile walls, MSE walls, gravity walls)
  • Shallow & deep foundation design & evaluations
  • Bridge hydraulics & scour evaluations
  • Foundation design and evaluations
  • Settlement design and evaluations
  • Pavement design and evaluation
  • Site suitability studies
  • Storm water design assistance
  • Borrow material evaluation
  • Retention pond analysis
  • Groundwater seepage & hydro-geology
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Sheet pile analysis
  • Drilled shaft piling analysis
  • Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)
  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
  • GIS analysis & mapping

Important Soil Test and Study for a Perfect Land Survey Report

Before beginning any development on a plot of land, even grading, it is important to study and to have detailed knowledge of the land’s subsurface soil conditions.


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