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Quality Management Services

RADISE has developed and implemented a fully documented Quality Management System governed by written procedures, work instructions, forms, drawings and other supporting documentation that is used by all departments and/or firms having direct or supportive participation in processes affecting the quality of our deliverables.

As an Information Technology (IT) service provider, RADISE staff have also developed Project Management tools to facilitate the management of project data as well as to maintain Quality Assurance and Quality Control of project specific technical criteria.

We are especially excited and proud of our Quality Management System (QMS). This system was developed initially for internal RADISE use to implement and maintain Quality Assurance and Quality Control of our reporting of construction materials testing data. This QMS system has now grown to be applicable to provide quality control data management of the entire project life-cycle.


The QMS software was internally developed based on our approach to QA/QC documentation submittal for a standard engineering and construction project. The developed RADISE QMS system is currently being used by the USACE and SFWMD at the East Branch Dam in PA (largest dam project in the US) and the C-44 STA/Pump Station in FL. RADISE will be implementing the QMS reporting for the District’s upcoming C-43 Reservoir construction project.


RADISE QMS System is a Unique QA/QC Project Delivery Tool used on all of our projects. Here are the salient features of the system:

  • Provides real-time, 24/7 access to QA/QC field and lab tests
  • Responsive, web-based quality management system (QMS) to track projects, schedules, technicians, field results, earth work lab results, concrete results. A rules engine will enable the PM’s to specify thresholds for lab tests. Alerts and emails will be triggered for all non-conforming tests thus increasing efficiency, reducing the manual effort and human error
  • Dashboards for technicians, project managers, clients, contractors etc.
  • Reporting consistency and redundancy
  • Alerts for scheduling changes, lab test anomalies etc. across the system to QA contractors, QC contractors, clients, owners
  • User security roles defined to give limited or full access


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