Our Team

Andrew Nixon, P.E.
Geotechnical Business Unit Leader & Palm Beach Site Manager

Andrew is a Registered Professional Engineer with 13+ years of experience providing Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials Testing Services for low, mid and high-rise structures, residential and commercial developments, bridges, reservoirs, embankments, piers, buried structures, transmission towers, water and wastewater treatment plants, and roadways for both the Private and Public Sector (FDOT, SFWMD, USACE and Local Municipalities). As RADISE’s Geotechnical Business Unit Lead, Andrew oversees all aspects of the Geotechnical Engineering Service Line including client, finance and project management, cost estimating, peer reviews, inspections, engineering and drilling staff supervision, foundation observations, foundation design reviews and geotechnical instrumentation monitoring.

Andrew provides supervision and operational support for various specialty inspection services including augered and driven pile inspections, helical pier inspections, fireproofing inspections, load tests, and monitoring specialty ground improvement techniques such as vibro-compaction, vibro-replacement and dynamic compaction. Andrew also provides operational support to RADISE’s Construction Materials Testing Department including the supervision of both field and laboratory testing programs during the construction phase of a variety projects.

As part of Andrew’s diverse background, he has completed and effectively led other engineers who have completed thousands of Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments for a variety of sites including Brownfields, HUD, power transmission, dry cleaners, gas stations, nurseries, landfills, ports, and other commercial/industrial sites. Andrew has also completed and supervised other engineers who have completed various Environmental Assessment tasks associated with the assessment and remediation guidelines of Florida Administrative Code.

Andrew is affiliated to Florida Engineering Society, National Society of Professional Engineers and American Society of Civil Engineers, and is an alumni of Florida Engineering Leadership Institute. As a West Palm Beach native, in his spare time, you can find him fishing, if not on the golf course.