Our Team

Newton Brooks
Constructions Services Manager

Newton serves as Construction Services Manager for all testing and inspection services at RADISE International. He has over 25 years of experience and has a strong working knowledge base gained through extensive field experience in Quality Assurance (QA) Services for soils and Geosynthetics.

Newton is an instrumental team member in major earthworks including mass site grading, installation of low permeability soil liners, geomembrane, geonets, geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners, soil drainage layers, and associated pipe work. His project experience also includes ground improvements (vibro-compaction and vibro–replacement) projects, deep foundations (augercast pile load test and production pile installation), post tension inspections, and non-destructive testing.

Newton leads laboratory and field testing of materials including soils, concrete, asphalt, and fire proofing materials. His duties as laboratory manager include compressive and flexural concrete testing, determination of soil Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR), California Bearing Ratio (CBR), rock and sand gradation and preparation of geotechnical reports. Additionally, Newton has supervised numerous detailed geotechnical investigations for local public and educational entities.